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Sustainability:  Redefining Design, Reinforcing Nature
Oklahoma City, OK


Walking Tour – Oklahoma City National Memorial


Events are free and open to the public to help educate the community about Landscape Architecture.  All events will tak place at the OSU-OKC, the Oklahoma City campus of Oklahoma State University.  OSU-OKC is located at I-44 and Northwest 10th Street, approximately five miles west of downtown

Trees and Shrubs for the Urban Landscape

Julia will present current trends and practicesin home landscapes including edible gardening , soil building, compost, use of mulches natural and safe pest control.  Also an emphasis on plant selection to reduce pesticide and water usage.

Julia Laughlin is currently Associate Professor and Department Head of Horticulture at Oklahoma State University.  She has been on Faculty at OSU-OKC since 1992 and taught classes in many areas of her field including Principles of Horticulture, Garden Flowers, Indoor Plants, Floral Design, Fruits and Vegetables, Horticultural Pest Management, Market Gardening and Horticultural Therapy.  She became Department Head of Horticulture in 1999 and was awarded the “L.E. ‘Dean” Stringer Award for Teaching Excellence” in 2006.  She is an All-American Selections trial judge for vegetable varieties and judges at the trial gardens on the grounds of the JEK Horticulture Center.

Urban Agriculture

Plants can effectively be used in the landscape to improve the appearance of the property, but how do you know if you are choosing the right plants?  Too much shade?  Wet soil conditions?  Limited planting space?  Plant solutions will be offered for challenging landscape situations, plus recommendations on plant selections for seasonal interest, reliable performance, and low maintenance.  Useful plant information for landscape architects, contractors, design professionals and homeowners that can be applied to the residential or commercial landscape; backyards or courtyards; new installations or established landscapes.

Dave Edwards is the Division Head of Agriculture Technologies at Oklahoma State University in Oklahoma City.  He joined the Horticulture Department at OSU-Oklahoma City as a faculty member in 1995, prior to beginning service as an administrator in 1999.  He continues to teach the woody ornamental plant materials, landscape construction and landscape maintenance courses for the department.  He is a registered landscape architect in the state of Oklahoma with an extensive background in plant material, construction technology, site design and plant care.  Mr. Edwards is an avid gardener and photographer.  He enjoys working with students and others in the horticultural community with whom he can share his passion for working with plants and building materials to provide creative design solutions for the landscape.

Rainwater Harvesting

Sam Minick will present a program on the Rainwater Harvesting Techniques using the Horticulture Center as a case study.

Sam Minick is the Vice President of Minick Materials, a landscape and building materials supplier.  He has over 30 years  of experience in the landscaping industry and is viewed as an expert in the field of soils and hardscape materials.



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